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Sétima is a Galician production company recently created by the producer Silvia Fuentes and the director Anxos Fazáns.

©Tamara de la Fuente

Anxos Fazáns

Pontevedra, 1992

Anxos studied Audiovisual Communication at Uvigo, a Master’s Degree in Film Direction at ESCAC and the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art, Creation and Research from Uvigo.

Her professional career and her interest in analogue format started with the short-film “Area”. With this work, she achieved selections in multiple International Festivals, being Zinebi (Bilbao) the most significant one.

This film travelled through International Festivals, such as BAFICI in Buenos Aires, SEFF in Seville, D’A in Barcelona, Sanfic in Santiago de Chile, FICCALI or Cinespaña in Toulouse.

In 2019, the short-film produced by Erika Lust “Analóxica” was released. This film is programmed in the competitive sections of BAFICI and Curtocircuíto IFF.

That same year she inaugurated the video installation “Sed” which is part of the Injuve Artistic Residencies.

She created, alongside Silvia Fuentes, the production company Sétima, from where she now works on the development of her new film.

Silvia Fuentes

A Estrada, 1990

She works in the field of film production.

She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo and also studied at the Complutense University of Madrid.

In 2020, she led the production department of “Nación”, produced by Nós P.C.G and directed by Margarita Ledo.

Previously, she was the production manager of the feature film “¿Qué hicimos mal?” produced by Avalon, Matriuska Producciones and Miss Wasabi. She also was the production manager of the series “Antes de Perder” by Cósmica Produciones for Playz (RTVE).

She holds the same position in the film directed by Anxos Fazáns “La Estación Violenta”, by Matriuska Producciones, and in the short films by Álvaro Gago “Matria” and “16 de Decembro”, both candidates for the Goya Awards.

She was also part of the production team for the films “Lúa Vermella”, directed by Lois Patiño and produced by Zeitun Films, and “Arima”, directed by Jaione Camborda and produced by Esnatu Zinema. During 2020 she worked for the successful independent film production company Lastor Media.